Intro to First Vehicle Finance

First Vehicle Finance Ltd (FVF) provides finance brokerage facilities within the vehicle contract hire and leasing sector. They are now offering the opportunity, through their franchise, to suitable candidates who wish to establish their own business in this sector.

The finance sector is heavily regulated and is overseen by the FCA (The Financial Conduct Authority) and FVF will be offering potential franchisees the opportunity to operate under its registration. As such, franchisees will always be referred to as ‘Appointed Representatives’, a descriptive term required by the FCA.

The advantages of operating under FVF’s registration is that FVF will be responsible for all compliancy issues, thus relieving their Appointed Representatives of much of the administrative burden imposed by the FCA.

The franchise is, therefore, a great opportunity to enter this buoyant sector with the support, training and infrastructure of the parent company without the need to register with the FCA. The Appointed Representatives (franchisees) will, however, have to comply with all the practices required of the registered company.

Key to this relationship will be the access to leading funding providers that FVF will provide to its Appointed Representatives which would typically not be available to new finance brokers.