A Day in the Life

A typical day’s activities might look something like this….

Check your website for any new enquiries that might have come in overnight and, if possible, contact the customer by phone to introduce yourself and to start building a relationship with them. During this first call you may take the opportunity to confirm with the customer the details of their enquiry, as this can lead you into a more general conversation which will allow you to build the customer’s confidence in how you will be working to get the best deal for them.

Once you have confirmed all the necessary information, you will enter the details onto the Quote Management systems which will enable you to find the best deal for the customer.

The next job might be to contact a client who has confirmed that they want to accept a previous quote that you prepared for them, in which case you will need to send out a vehicle order form for them to complete. Once the financing is confirmed you will need to pass the confirmed order to the relevant dealership. If the customer wants a very specific model with a high degree of personalisation, it is unlikely that you will be able to find one in stock at a dealership. If, however, they are happy to modify their requirements, you may be able to find something suitable immediately.

This will all be part of your role in helping to get the customer the best deal they can. Whilst your income will depend on the number of sales that are made the role is not simply a sales role. It is one of trying to get the best deal for the customer by providing your advice and support.

Key to getting the best results from your business will be keeping all your Customer Management records up to date on the computerised system, so you might now spend some time on checking where each sale or potential sale is in the sale / funding / delivery process. Much of the administration of the business such as invoicing will be done by FVF on your behalf, but they will only be able to act promptly on behalf of you and your customer if you keep the system fully updated.

You may have agreed to meet a potential customer at their office to explain how FVF might be able to help them when they next need to renew their vehicle and this may result in an immediate enquiry or you may simply make a note of when their current lease is to expire so that you can contact them again closer to the date.

Every day you will need to complete certain activities in terms of follow up on enquiries or sales, but every day will also be different from the last in some way and without a doubt there will be some days where you will be busier than others.

But that’s what running your own business and being your own boss is like.